About Us

About the Golden Helix Foundation

The Golden Helix Foundation has been established in 2003 as an international non-profit scientific research organization with interdisciplinary research and educational activities in the field of genome medicine.

GoldenHelixFoundationThe Foundations activities focus in Europe and also in the Middle East, Asia, and in Latin American countries.

In particular, the aims of the Golden Helix Foundation are to:

  • Provide grants to individual researchers and research groups,
  • Partner and provide grants and services to international organizations in the field of personalized medicine
  • Provide advocacy, advice and information on pharmacogenomics research,
  • Sponsor or undertake research, and
  • Act as an umbrella organization and/or resource body of multinational collaborative efforts in the area of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, such as the Genomic Medicine Alliance.

By becoming a London-based UK Charity in 2013, the Golden Helix Foundation envisions to further advance its research and educational activities in the area of genome and personalized medicine by promoting the development of research and the transfer and communication of knowledge from researchers and scientists in the wider scientific community through collaborative projects and conferences in the field of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.