18th Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics Day, Lucca, Italy

16 June, 2016 - 8:00 am

Lucca, Italy


18th Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics Day

IMT Institute for advanced studies

16 June 2016, Lucca, Italy


The 18th Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics day will be organized in the lecture hall of the IMT Institute of advanced studies in Lucca, Italy. The meeting will be co-organized from the University of Pisa and the Golden Helix Foundation.

The search for biomarkers is increasingly required in many disciplines: in cancer, to assess the response to treatment and risk of treatment-related toxicity, as well as in transplants to monitor the graft injury.Significant achievements have been made in our understanding and clinical application of pharmacogenetics in cancer of drug-metabolising enzymes in order to predict fluoropyrimidine- and irinotecan-related toxicities with the screening of DPYD and UGT genes, respectively. Circulating tumour DNA could represent a powerful diagnostic tool to help clinical decision making, as it is being used, at least for research purposes, to assess tumour heterogeneity, identify genetic determinants for targeted therapy, evaluate the response to treatment and assess the evolution of molecular resistance over time. Moreover, the field of solid organ transplantation has been seeing improved graft outcomes, with reduced rates of acute rejection due to the use of immunosuppressive drugs (tacrolimus, cyclosporine, MMF). However, the diagnostic tools available to monitor the transplant rejection are costly, have the danger of complications or are available too late for the patient. A new and innovative approach for detecting organ rejection makes use of plasma graft-derived cell free DNA in the recipient, arising from damaged cells when the transplanted donor organ is subject to rejection. However, the choice of genetic markers and the implementation of new technologies in clinical practice should be discussed between the main stakeholders.

The 18th Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics Day and the satellite "Young Biomarkers Day" that will precede the main event will address these important issues by involving young researchers and expert scientists, with the aim of discussing the appropriate use of technological platforms and molecular biomarkers in transplants and in solid tumours (i.e. colorectal, lung, breast cancer and melanoma), especially in the era of new therapeutic options (i.e. immunotherapy, monoclonal antibodies and new immunosoppressive drugs). This conference is open for general pharmacists, specialists, general practitioners, medical and pharmacy students, laboratory technicians, regulators, healthcare insurers and others interested in pharmacogenomics.

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